Live Cricket Streaming -A local Match Highlights

Nobody can deny importance of  cricket in their life.Cricket is most vital games of the world.Cricket gives tolerance to players.Live Cricket matches are events full of enthusiasm, zest.Some matches are quite thrilling, sensational and full of suspans.Such matches are really enjoyable and people are amazed to watch.Particular Live Cricket Streaming gives great joy.

I also got a chance to watch such a Live Cricket  match just last Friday.It was the final match of a cricket tournament.The match was played between  Pak club and Multan Cricket club.The cricket match was started on pleasant morning.The cricket stadium was jam-packed with the peoples.The cricket umpires with the two captions came in to the stadium.First of all, the team captions tossed up a coin.Pak cricket club won the toss.They decided to bat first.Both the openers came into the cricket ground.They came ruing towards the pitch.The fielding cricket teams also came up into the ground.I was watch this live cricket sight from outside of the ground.


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At the beginning, the cricket match was a bit slow in tempo.It was 25 overs cricket match.In the first ten overs the batting cricket team made only 30 runs for the loss of fours wicket.In short, Pak cricket club scored 150 in 25 overs for the loss of nine wickets.After short break, match was against start.Multan cricket club openers came up in the ground.In first ten overs Multan club openers scored 50.It was a good start but in next five overs Multan cricket club did not played well and in 25 overs they scored just 136 .It was a good  local cricket match.I enjoyed this Live Cricket match streaming from the ground.For live cricket online you may visit following URL.